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♥ Friday, December 26, 2008

CHAPTER 4 (part 2)


"Amu! Amu! I can explain!" Ikuto shouted as he ran after her. Thankfully, he managed to catch up.

"Amu, please. Listen to me." Ikuto pleaded, with begging eyes asking for her to trust him. Amu nodded, but averted her gaze away from him.

"Thank you.. for hearing me out." Ikuto said.

"Hurry up, don't waste my time." Amu rolled her eyes.

"Yes, we may be enemies, but.. it wasn't easy for us to have met again. Easter was controlling me all this while. The reason why I hadn't wanted to appear in front of you, is because I was afraid Easter might hurt you. So might Utau." He took a breath, before continuing.

"Amu, please give me time. Once Easter is defeated, we won't be enemies anymore. But. I must have the embryo."

"What do you need the embryo for?" Amu asked.

"To break free from Easter. For Utau and I to break free from Easter." Ikuto replied dryly.

"Ikuto..." Tears were still streaming down from her eyes.

"Amu, please give me some time. Please don't leave me like before."

"What do you mean by like before? You were the one who left Tadase and me behind." The atmosphere immediately changed into a lighter one.

"It wasn't me! It was my parents!" Ikuto commented in defence.

"It's still the same." Amu acted like she did not care.

"So you forgive me?" Ikuto asked as he gave her kitty eyes.

"I.. Who says so?!" she was being stubborn again.

"Don't try to act all cool in front of me. I can read you like a book. I have been watching you every night for 5 whole years."

"Eh?! How did you do that?" Amu broke, shocked by how he did it.

"I watched form your bedroom balcony, duh."

"EH?! Hentai!" she fussed.

"Do you actually know the meaning of that word?" Ikuto took a step towards her.

"Y-yeah! Of course!" she backed away.

"Do you want me to show you what a real Hentai is?" Yet again, he took several steps towards her.

"Eh.. Real.. Hentai..." This time she stopped as her face started to redden.

"Shall I?" he asked.

"N-no! No thank you!" Amu rejected, flushed up. All of a sudden, Ran and her other charas appeared from behind.

"Amu-chan! I sense X-eggs!" Ran exclaimed.

"Ran! Character change with me!"

"Hop, step, jump!" and within seconds, Amu was flying around in the air already.

"Heh, they totally forgot about me. Oh well, that's Amu for you." Ikuto shrugged as he decided to follow Amu behind.


"Useless, useless!" the little chara with an X on it chanted.

"My own heart, unlock! Character transformation: Amulet Heart! Heart rod!" Amu threw the Heart Rod at the X character, but he dodged it.

"USELESS!" the little rascal threw all its power at Amu, as she tried shielding from it by spinning the Heart Rod. The dark power soon took control, as Amu was threw backwards.

"Amu!" Ikuto caught Amu and put her down. "Yoru! Chara nari!"

"My own heart, unlock. Character transformation: Black Lynx."

Ikuto kept on attacking the X character until it was cornered. "Amu! Use open heart!"

She nodded. "Negative heart, lock on! Open heart!"

In no time, the X on the character was gone, and the purified chara gave Amu his thanks.

"Ikuto," Amu walked over to him. "Why did you help me? Aren't you enemy? Why did you let me cleanse the X character?"

"Because I love you, and I don't want you to hate me for killing it."

Ran and Yoru popped out, leaving Amu and Ikuto in their original form as they pulled in for a hug.

"Ikuto," Amu called.


"Join us for dinner tonight, would you?"

"But, our families are enemies.."

"Don't worry about that. The guardians and my family will help you get through this as well."



"You'd better go home now. Everyone must be worried sick."


Hand in hand, the couple walked towards the town.

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♥ Thursday, December 25, 2008


Back at Amu's house...

"Dear Amu! Where could she have gone to?" Amu's mother - who was worried sick - exclaimed weakly.

"Mama! Do you think some bad guy captured her? Ah, my Amu!" the photographer added fuel to the flame.

"Mama! Papa! Onee-chan is so cool, nothing will happen to her! Hai?" Ami put on her cutest smile, thinking that her onee-chan was really a heroin. Her parents only smiled vaguely at that. Her words didn't make them feel any better.

The doorbell rung.

"Onee-chan is back! I'll go get the door!" Ami exclaimed, while her parents stood up, anxiously.

"Eh? Prince!" little Ami shouted out. "WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WORLD DOMINATION!" King Tadase and Ami announced, totally forgetting about Amu.

Amu's parents were, of course, very disappointed. That added to their worry and frustration.

"Aunty, Uncle, we're the guardians. I am Nagihiko, and these are Tadase, Rima, and Yaya." Nagihiko greeted the two worried faces.


"Actually, we came to ask whether Amu was back already or not. We are all worried for her. But judging from the looks of it, she doesn't seem to be back yet, does she?" Level-headed Nagihiko stated.

"Uh, thanks for your concern. Can you please inform us if you've got news of her?" Amu's mother pleaded.

"Yeah sure, same for us too. Please do keep us updated. We kinda suspect that a guy named Ikuto took her away. Amu was chasing after him yesterday, when she disappeared all of a sudden.." Nagihiko explained.

"IKUTO?!" Amu's father exclaimed. Ikuto.. Tsukiyomi Ikuto. That must be the reason Amy ran after him. He must have came back! If Ikuto was back, then is there a possibility that his father is here too?

(A/N: Amu's father thought that the Tsukiyomi's went aboard. He also does not know that Ikuto's parents passed on already.)

"Yes, Ikuto. Tsukiyomi Ikuto. I saw him too - big brother..." Tadase added.

"So, where do you think the Tsukiyomi's are staying at now? If they had sold the Dumpty Key, then they must be rich." Amu's father stated.

"But.. what if they did not sell it? What if they still kept it? The Tsukiyomi's were in debt when they fought over the key, I heard. So if they chose not to sell the Dumpty Key.. then how did they manage to survive?" Tadase pointed out, thinking deeper into this matter.

"I.. I don't know anything about the previous generation, and I don't wanna know. I just want my dear Amu back! Please, help us look for her. I'm begging you!" Amu's mother knelt down in front of Tadase.

"Aunty! Please don't do this.."

"Sumimasen, sorry for disturbing at this hour. We shall take our leave first. Arigato." Nagihiko attempted stopping whatever was going on.


The next morning...

The first rays of sunlight lit up the room. Amu rubbed her bleary eyes as the rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky.

"Ohayo, Amu." Ikuto greeted. "Are you feeling better today?"

"Hmm, yeah, thanks." Amu said unconsciously.

"Get changed, I'm bringing you somewhere today." Ikuto informed, so that Amu would have enough time to prepare.

"Huh? What's the special occasion?" Amu asked.

"Christmas. Yes, Merry Christmas, Amu."

"EHH?! It's Christmas today?! Hell! I'm supposed to be with my family!"

"Family.. I don't have a family, but you do.. So I can't even celebrate Christmas with my loved ones?"

"Wh-" Amu was cut off by Ikuto.

"My parents died 5 years ago. Since then, Utau and I lived our lives as orphans. That was until, Easter adopted us." Ikuto's eyes widened as he realized what he had just said. Darn it.

"Easter? What are you talking about? Easter is our enemy! Enemy! No, you couldn't have.." Amu's eyes wandered around restlessly. Easter were the bad guys! They created X-eggs! They went against the guardians no matter what!

"Yes, Amu. Utau and I are from Easter. Hoshina Utau, is Tsukiyomi Utau."


"It can't be... You.. Utau.. Easter.." Without finishing her sentence, Amu dashed out of the house, tears streaming down her cheeks. Ikuto was under Easter. Which meant that they were enemies. Why did it had to be Ikuto? Why him?

To be continued...

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♥ Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ikuto held Amu carefully in his arms, until he reached his apartment. Or rather, their apartment. Utau lived there too, though she rarely went back to visit. Over time, getting used to it, Ikuto treated it as his own apartment already.

He opened the door with caution, careful not to drop the girl who was supported by his arms. Walking right toward his double bed which plain white bed sheets lay over, he put her down gently.

"Ikuto..." Amu's voice trailed off. Ikuto was taken aback, but turned around anyway.

He heaved a sigh of relieve, when he saw that she was just sleep-talking, probably due to the fact that she missed him too much. Ikuto ignored her and proceeded to the kitchen to get some warm water and a towel.

"Ikuto..." Amu whispered when she was sure that he was no longer in audible distance. "Why did you run away from me?"

The door knob turned open, and Amu quickly shut her eyes, pretending to be in slumber.

"Amu.." Ikuto said gently as he dipped the towel in a bucket of warm water. "I hadn't meant to run away from you. It's just that.. I don't want things to change.." his voice trailed off, as he leaned in to her and left a light kiss on her forehead, before placing the wet towel over it.

"Amu, I love you more than anything else. But if we ever get back together, harm will be brought to you. I don't want to see your sad face. So, stay happy for me, please."

"Who will harm me?" Amu's eyes suddenly flickered open, much to Ikuto's surprise.


"Tell me what happened please, Ikuto. I beg you!"

Amu swore she saw a smirk appearing on Ikuto's face.

"And what will you do to repay me if I tell you?"

"Hentai!!" Amu blushed in astonishment, deepening the colour of her hot cheeks apparent to the fever.

"Oh? And so what if I am?" he meant it as a joke, leaning in even closer to her, until she could feel his breath, his locks tickling her face. They looked deeply into each others' eyes, Ikuto still carrying a smirk, while Amu was trying very hard not to go off the limit.

She didn't know what had gotten into her - most probably due to the fever - that she lifted up her neck a little, until both lips touched.

Ikuto stared at her with wide eyes, unable to recover from the shock just yet. Meanwhile, Amu broke out of her rashness and started blushing from the embarrassment.

"Ikuto.. I... !!!!" Amu's eyes widened as she found Ikuto asking her strawberry lips for access. That moment soon turned into a heated kiss of five minutes, when..

"Shh!" Ikuto placed his index finger on Amu's lips. "I hear something."

"?????" Amu could only shoot him that look. Then she heard the voice.

"Onii-san! Utau-chan is back! Surprise surprise! Where are you?" the childish yet beautiful voice announced.

"Damn it, Utau is back!" Ikuto cursed his luck. Of all days, she had to come back this day, and on top of that, this time.

"Utau..." Amu muttered under her breath as she thought of her childhood best friend, Tsukiyomi Utau. Tears trickled down her eyes.

"Amu, get a grip!"

"Um, I'll go hide in the closet?" Amu suggested.

"No. You're ill, you can't possibly to something like that to worsen your condition."

"In the bathroom?"

"No, it's slippery, you might fall."

"Under the bed?"


"Under the blankets?"



"Ikuto! I'm coming in!"

"Drats!" the couple cursed in sync, preparing to get screamed at.

The door knob turned, the plank of wood screached...

"Watch out nya!!!!" Yoru purred roughly. Oh no. Yoru was flying in the direction of Amu.. he was gonna hit them hard...

"Character transformation: Amulet Kitty!"

As if the weather has never been told so accurately before, the door swished open, only to show a dazzling Utau standing there.

"Eh, onii-san. Found a cosplay neko-girl?" Utau asked.

"E-Eh??!?!? Cosplay?!" Amu commented out loud. Utau had already positioned herself next to the pink-haired cosplay girl.

"Well, she does have pink hair, but.. I'm never more sure that she's a million times cuter than that..." Utau squinted her eyes, before emphasizing with much hatred "Hinamori Amu."

"H-H-Hinamori... Amu.." Amu was losing her soul already. How could Utau say that?

"Anyway, onee-san. What's your name?" the childish, spoilt part of Utau came out.

"Onee.. san.." Amu twitched. She was half a year younger than Utau.

"Onee-san?" Utau called out ignorantly. Ikuto just watched them, with animated black lines forming on the side of his head.

"Oh! Oh oh oh I'm A.."

"Amiko!" Ikuto shot out that name.

"Ehh? Amiko? Wasn't that your.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20...."

"Eto... Utau-chan, what are you counting?" Amu asked, but was ignored by the oblivious Utau.

"Oh I remember! I think Amiko was your 56th girlfriend? Or was she just a one-night stand? Hmm...." the words escaped out from Utau, thoughtfully.

Amu glared daggers at Ikuto.

"Uh, Utau, that's... Her name was Tsukimori Amiko. " Ikuto informed with much guilt.

"Ehehe, yeah. I'm Hino Amiko." Amu sweatdropped.

"EH?!?!?! HINO?! That means she's related to Hino Kahoko? Your 100th girlfriend?! You know, the one who plays the violin too.. with scarlet hair... Sheesh, bro. You even take on their relatives.."

"Ikuto...." Amu was going to faint soon. How could he do this to her?

"Oh, that aside, Amiko-chan. How did you know my name? You called me Utau-chan just now, right?"

"So you were listening after all.." Amu muttered.

"Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?" Utau asked with a questionable look.

"Um, nothing! Ikuto told me about you just now."

"Oh, so I see... Hey bro, you hardly mention me to any of your girls. Amiko-chan must be extra special to have you talk about me, yeah?" Utau nudged her brother.

"Look, Utau. You were disturbing us. So could you please excuse us and... yeah you get my drift." Amu was taken aback by Ikuto's sudden breakout.

O.O, Utau gave that innocent Angel expression.

"I'm sorry! You guys continue! Gimme a niece or nephew, okay? Bye!! I'll be going back to Easter now!" Utau dashed out of the house, leaving Amu still blushing at the last comment regarding offspring. But, before that... she had something else to settle...

"Sheesh, I can't believe she thought that. A perverted brother results in a perverted sister, I guess you could say that," Amu thought. "But.. Easter. Isn't Easter our enemy? And why was Ikuto avoiding me earlier?"

"Amu dear, you heard that. Niece or nephew. Which do you prefer?"

Silence. Amu only stared blankly at Ikuto as he sweat dropped for getting the cold shoulder. Ikuto decided to attempt teasing her again.

"I have to say, you look hot, no, kawaii too, with this chara-nari. Stay longer in there, Yoru."

"Okay, nya!"

"Tsukimori Amiko, 56th. Hino Kahoko, 100th. Then, let me ask you. Who was your first? And what am I? 1000th?"

Ikuto looked down, still feeling guilty. This time, he put on a serious expression and answered.

"The first one.. was you, Amu-chan. Little Amu-chan. The one from long ago..." he was still looking down.

"D-Don't joke about this.." Amu couldn't control her face from turning red anymore.

"And.." this time it was Ikuto's turn to have a change of colour on his face. No, not from flattery, but from embarrassment and guilt. "So-called Hino Amiko, would be... the 1001th. The 1000th from yesterday was called Lulu."

"You really are honest huh? Anyway I'm feeling much better already, thanks for the care. I'd best be going home now." Amu tried getting up, but was still too weak to.

"Please, Amu. Stay for the night. You're not in a suitable condition to move about. And also.. I'm sorry." Ikuto pulled her in for a hug, one that felt as if he couldn't lose her. Amu gave in with a smile, completely washed off about "Easter" and "Why is Ikuto avoiding her".

The two sat there, facing each other, as the beautiful sun set added to the atmosphere.

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♥ Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"Hey Amu! Let's go out for lunch together." Nagihiko asked a drained Joker.

"Hmm, alright." Amu smiled.

"Amu.." Rima tugged her blazer. "I'm going too."

"But Rima, don't you have to go home?"

"I don't care. I don't trust that guy." she pouted. Everyone sweat dropped.

"Amu-chan, why not all of us go together?" Tadase suggested to the group. Everyone nodded and Yaya cheered, though Nagihiko felt a tint of disappointment. He had wanted some time alone with Amu, but Rima or Tadase would always get in the way. He couldn't even make his feelings clear to her, afraid that he would hurt Tadase.


As the guardians left their royal garden, a black figure stood on a tree branch, watching. He followed them all the way to the mall.


"Amu-chi! There's a very cute shop over there! Let's go see!" Yaya squealed as she dragged Amu - who was pulling Rima - along.

The black figure tried dodging her, but to no avail.


The two tumbled backwards. Amu, rubbing her head with eyes closed, apologized frantically. "Ah, gomenmasai!"

The two male guardians rushed over to the commotion. "Amu-chan, are you alright?" They asked in sync, both looking worried.

Ikuto only stared at Amu and the two boys that surround her. Amu couldn't have a change of heart, could she? Letting out a painful smirk, he stood up and walked away.

Amu finally managed to snap out of her daze, only to realize that the person she had knocked into was already 20 metres away from her. She sighed, he must have been really angry. She blamed it on Yaya.

[Amu's POV]

Nani? What's this doing here?

I stared at a very familiar key that lay in front of me.

No.. it couldn't be him, could it?

I scanned the figure which was quite far away, from top to bottom.

Midnight blue hair..
A cold atmosphere around him..

I snapped out of my confusion, shocked.


[End of POV]

"Ikuto! Ikuto!" Amu shouted and ran after the blue-haired guy.

He turned around to look. Oh no, Amu recognized him, she was running after him! He can't let this happen. She wasn't supposed to know he was here!

Ikuto ran as fast as a cat, with his agility dodging every single shopper.

Amu knocked into people for a thousand times already, apologizing as she continued keeping up with him. Her guardian friends followed her, none having an idea of what was going on. Except for him, of course. He was the only one who knew that name. He was the only one who could recognize him anywhere.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto.. big brother.." Tadase felt tears at the corner of his eyes, threatening to flow. Memories of them four flashed past.


"Let's play hide-and-seek!" hyperactive little Amu shouted. "Ikuto be the seeker!"

Ikuto sweat dropped as all the juniors went screaming away, running and looking for a place to hide.

Little Tadase was at a lost of what to do. Ikuto was heading towards the tree he was hiding behind.

"Tadase-kun!" he heard someone whisper. "Over here!" Utau asked directed him over.

They both rolled into a ball and hid behind a big rock.

After awhile, they decided to take a peek.

Utau and Tadase's little heads popped out of the rock.

"Ikuto's gone. He went to look for Amu already." they both high-fived for losing him.

"Found ya" a voice commented dryly.

Huh? Where did the voice come from?

"Hey kiddos. Down here." Ikuto smirked, this time it was his turn to pop out behind the rock. So it turned out that he was right behind them, on the opposite side of the rock, all the time.

They all broke into laughter.

"Hey, Ikuto! What took you so long! The heat almost burned me already!" little Amu pouted at her three friends for forgetting all about her.

This only made them laugh harder, as little Amu soon joined in the fun.

[End of flashback]

"Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto!" tears streamed down Amu's eyes as she ignored her exhaustion and continued chasing after him.

Ikuto ran all the way up until the highest level. It was a dead end, and he couldn't jump. It was ten storeys high.

"Ikuto.." Amu's voice trailed away as she stared in disbelief. "Why did you run away from me?"

"Amu." he looked down. "I.."

Before he could finish his sentence, Amu fell backwards. Ikuto managed to catch her before she touched the ground. He touched her forehead. Amu had fainted and was running a high fever. He couldn't possibly just leave her here and escape. Her guardian friends were still trying to catch up, but who knows when they will ever find her?

"Amu.." Ikuto gazed at her face. He had never been so close to her after all these years. Breaking out of it, he carried her princess-style, just as Amu liked to call it, and jumped from building to building, without much effort.

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♥ Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chapter 1:


Lock: Konnichiwa!

Ikuto: Yo, Lock-chan.

Lock: Ne, Ikuto-kun.

Ikuto: Hai, Lock-chan?

Lock: Amu-chan is behind you.

Ikuto: E.. EH?!?!?!?! *slowly turns around in fear*

Amu: Eto... Ikuto?

Ikuto: Hai, Amu?

Amu: *bursts out crying*

Ikuto: N-nani? Amu?

Amu: *cries* Ikuto..

Ikuto: Hai?

Amu: N.. nothing. *sobs*

Lock: Hor! Ikuto-kun! You've made Amu-chan cry! Shame on you, neko-kun!

Suu: Amu-chan, don't cry, desu. We won't be able to hear the disclaimer like that, desu.

Miki: Yoru-kun.. how bout you do the disclaimer today?

Yoru: O-okay nya! Anything for Miki-chan!

Miki & Yoru: *blush blush blush*

Yoru: Musical Lock does not own Shugo Chara, nya! She owns Ikuto! Nya~~


Yoru: Eheheh.. just kidding, nya. Musical Lock does not own Ikuto either, nya.

Lock: Enjoy!



8 years later...


"Amu-chan.. what if I say I like you?" - Tadase to Amu

"Amu.. I love you." - Ikuto to Amu

"Hinamori Amu. I hate you." - Utau to Amu

"Utau-chan, I'm sorry. The one I like is Amu." - Tadase to Utau

"I don't need your pity!" Tsukiyomi to Hotori.

"Tsukiyomi, stop this already, please." Hinamori to Tsukiyomi.

"Hinamori, forget it. Let him be." Hotori to Tsukiyomi.

A/N: The surname represents their fathers.

[end of flashback]


Yes, a lot has happened in the past few years. Amu and Tadase are now 14, studying at Seiyo High. Ikuto and Utau, now 16 and 14, were transferred to Seiso High.

A few years ago, Tsukiyomi and Hotori were caught in a conflict over a certain.. key. They had found it during a treasure hunt when they were in middle school. Since both set eyes on it at the same time, they decided to hand it to Hinamori for safe-keeping.

Hinamori had a lock, which was passed down to him by his grandparents. They never thought much into why the key and lock looked similar, until..

the news came out.

It was about a Legendary lock and key, namely the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key. Apparently priceless, both Hotori and Tsukiyomi confronted Hinamori for it. However, both wanted the key, and they did not want to share it with the other party, resulting in the argument. Hotori then gave in to Tsukiyomi, and he left with his family, not bothering about Hotori and Hinamori.

The Dumpty Key was then passed down to Ikuto when Tsukiyomi and his wife passed away.


"Ah, another day has passed," Amu stretched as she came out of the shower. "And it's Saturday tomorrow too, which means no school! Yeah!"

"Hehehee" Ran, Miki and Suu giggled.

In the midst of their laughter, little did they notice...

"Amu," he smiled vaguely. "You're still happy today.."

"Ikuto, we should get going now, nya."


"IKUTO!!" Yoru shouted into Ikuto's ears.

He flinched. "Yoru! You didn't have to shout!"

"You were totally engrossed with Amu-chan. Don't blame me, nya."

Ikuto had been studying in Seiso High all these years. Every night he would drop by at Amu's balcony, and smile when he saw that she was still as cheerful as always. He dreaded to see her unhappy. Ikuto had never made a re-appearance in front of Amu all these years, because he knew. He knew that if Amu found out that he was still in Japan, she would question him about the past events. That, would then be the time their lives would change. The past conflicts will be raised, and nothing would stay the same again.


Lock: Ne, how was the chapter? Too short? I know. Next chapter is longer. Oh and, is it too cheesy? Should I have more cheesy Amuto scenes? I mean, it's cute and everything to imagine those two like that, hehehe.

Amu: Lock-chan, I'm leaving.

Lock: Ehh?? Nande?

Amu: Lock-chan, since you and Ikuto-kun love each other, I shall give you my blessings.

Ikuto: Amu-chan.. it's not like this...

Amu: *ignores him* Ikuto-kun, until then...

Ikuto: Amu!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!

Amu: *runs away, heart-broken*

Lock: How come I feel like a third-party? Grr, I blame it on Ikuto.

Ikuto: Amu... *sobs*

Lock: Dumbo, what are you waiting here for? Go chase after her! If Amu-chan doesn't return, then they'd be no more story! So hurry! *shoves Ikuto*

Ikuto: Hai!

When Ikuto is gone...

Lock: Ya know, it's amusing how Ikuto could lose his cool over Amu, teeheehee. Well then, please do comment!

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Lock: Ohayo minna-san!

Suu: Ohayo desu~

Lock: I'll be posting it here first, coz my account isn't 2 days old yet, so yeah. My pen name is Musical Lock. It's my first Amuto fan fic. I used to write WM (:

Ikuto: What's the rating for this, Lock-chan? I'm sure it's M, huh?

Lock: *stares at Ikuto* To hell with you. I'm only 13 years old, so it's rated TTTTTTTTT! Get that right, T! For teens, 13 and above xD WAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Ikuto: Stupid lock.

Miki: *sigh* Musical Lock does not own Shugo Chara.

Lock: Thank you Miki. I hope you and Yoru have a nice ending ^^

Yoru: Oh, just shut up already.



Amu and Ikuto were childhood sweethearts, much to the oblivion of Tadase. Family conflict soon arises, and they get separated. Many years later, Amu meets Ikuto again. What will happen to these two? Is there something Ikuto is hiding?


"Amu! Amu! Amu-chan!" three children shouted.


Tsukiyomi Ikuto, aged 8. He had midnight blue hair and majors in the violin. Ikuto is always putting on a cold front, due to some unknown background.

Tsukiyomi Utau, aged 6. Ikuto's younger sister who loved singing. She had soft blond hair.

Hotori Tadase, aged 6. Kind-hearted and always getting bullied. He dreams to become a good leader one day. Soft blond hair, just like Utau.

And also..

Hinamori Amu, aged 6. Lovely pink hair and always cheery. She is stubborn and refuses to admit defeat, resulting in her three dear friends trying to tease her all the time.

Parents of the four children, Tsukiyomi, Hotori and Hinamori, were all good buddies since middle school. Their children grew up together too.


"Where is everyone?" Amu sobbed. They were playing hide-and-seek in the woods, Ikuto being the seeker, but before Amu realized, she had already gone beyond the area of the game. She was now lost, lost in the woods forever. It was raining heavily, and Amu who did not know that taking shelter under a tree was most dangerous, did just that.

All of a sudden, lightning and thunder flashed towards the direction of the tree Amu was taking refuge in.

"AMU!" Ikuto shouted, but he knew she was not going to make it. Being quicker than the speed of light, he took cover over Amu and jumped out of the way.

Fortunately, both kids only suffered minor injuries.


Lock: Yep, forewords done. Do visit the following links, please (:

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Ikuto: Good kids do not own blogs. You are a bad kid for having a blog, Lock-chan.

Lock: Aww, so neko-kun enjoys calling me Lock-chan, huh? What will happen if your Amu-chan finds out?

Ikuto: Don't you dare tell her.

Amu: *walks in* Huh, what's going on?

Ikuto: Nothing. *smirks* Just talking about you.

Amu: Eh?!?!?!?!

Eru: Reviews please, everyone! *winks*

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Title: Pink & Blue
Author: Musical Lock
Pairing: Amuto
Anime: Shugo Chara
Status: Incomplete
Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara

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