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Chapter 1:


Lock: Konnichiwa!

Ikuto: Yo, Lock-chan.

Lock: Ne, Ikuto-kun.

Ikuto: Hai, Lock-chan?

Lock: Amu-chan is behind you.

Ikuto: E.. EH?!?!?!?! *slowly turns around in fear*

Amu: Eto... Ikuto?

Ikuto: Hai, Amu?

Amu: *bursts out crying*

Ikuto: N-nani? Amu?

Amu: *cries* Ikuto..

Ikuto: Hai?

Amu: N.. nothing. *sobs*

Lock: Hor! Ikuto-kun! You've made Amu-chan cry! Shame on you, neko-kun!

Suu: Amu-chan, don't cry, desu. We won't be able to hear the disclaimer like that, desu.

Miki: Yoru-kun.. how bout you do the disclaimer today?

Yoru: O-okay nya! Anything for Miki-chan!

Miki & Yoru: *blush blush blush*

Yoru: Musical Lock does not own Shugo Chara, nya! She owns Ikuto! Nya~~


Yoru: Eheheh.. just kidding, nya. Musical Lock does not own Ikuto either, nya.

Lock: Enjoy!



8 years later...


"Amu-chan.. what if I say I like you?" - Tadase to Amu

"Amu.. I love you." - Ikuto to Amu

"Hinamori Amu. I hate you." - Utau to Amu

"Utau-chan, I'm sorry. The one I like is Amu." - Tadase to Utau

"I don't need your pity!" Tsukiyomi to Hotori.

"Tsukiyomi, stop this already, please." Hinamori to Tsukiyomi.

"Hinamori, forget it. Let him be." Hotori to Tsukiyomi.

A/N: The surname represents their fathers.

[end of flashback]


Yes, a lot has happened in the past few years. Amu and Tadase are now 14, studying at Seiyo High. Ikuto and Utau, now 16 and 14, were transferred to Seiso High.

A few years ago, Tsukiyomi and Hotori were caught in a conflict over a certain.. key. They had found it during a treasure hunt when they were in middle school. Since both set eyes on it at the same time, they decided to hand it to Hinamori for safe-keeping.

Hinamori had a lock, which was passed down to him by his grandparents. They never thought much into why the key and lock looked similar, until..

the news came out.

It was about a Legendary lock and key, namely the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key. Apparently priceless, both Hotori and Tsukiyomi confronted Hinamori for it. However, both wanted the key, and they did not want to share it with the other party, resulting in the argument. Hotori then gave in to Tsukiyomi, and he left with his family, not bothering about Hotori and Hinamori.

The Dumpty Key was then passed down to Ikuto when Tsukiyomi and his wife passed away.


"Ah, another day has passed," Amu stretched as she came out of the shower. "And it's Saturday tomorrow too, which means no school! Yeah!"

"Hehehee" Ran, Miki and Suu giggled.

In the midst of their laughter, little did they notice...

"Amu," he smiled vaguely. "You're still happy today.."

"Ikuto, we should get going now, nya."


"IKUTO!!" Yoru shouted into Ikuto's ears.

He flinched. "Yoru! You didn't have to shout!"

"You were totally engrossed with Amu-chan. Don't blame me, nya."

Ikuto had been studying in Seiso High all these years. Every night he would drop by at Amu's balcony, and smile when he saw that she was still as cheerful as always. He dreaded to see her unhappy. Ikuto had never made a re-appearance in front of Amu all these years, because he knew. He knew that if Amu found out that he was still in Japan, she would question him about the past events. That, would then be the time their lives would change. The past conflicts will be raised, and nothing would stay the same again.


Lock: Ne, how was the chapter? Too short? I know. Next chapter is longer. Oh and, is it too cheesy? Should I have more cheesy Amuto scenes? I mean, it's cute and everything to imagine those two like that, hehehe.

Amu: Lock-chan, I'm leaving.

Lock: Ehh?? Nande?

Amu: Lock-chan, since you and Ikuto-kun love each other, I shall give you my blessings.

Ikuto: Amu-chan.. it's not like this...

Amu: *ignores him* Ikuto-kun, until then...

Ikuto: Amu!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!

Amu: *runs away, heart-broken*

Lock: How come I feel like a third-party? Grr, I blame it on Ikuto.

Ikuto: Amu... *sobs*

Lock: Dumbo, what are you waiting here for? Go chase after her! If Amu-chan doesn't return, then they'd be no more story! So hurry! *shoves Ikuto*

Ikuto: Hai!

When Ikuto is gone...

Lock: Ya know, it's amusing how Ikuto could lose his cool over Amu, teeheehee. Well then, please do comment!

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