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Lock: Ohayo minna-san!

Suu: Ohayo desu~

Lock: I'll be posting it here first, coz my account isn't 2 days old yet, so yeah. My pen name is Musical Lock. It's my first Amuto fan fic. I used to write WM (:

Ikuto: What's the rating for this, Lock-chan? I'm sure it's M, huh?

Lock: *stares at Ikuto* To hell with you. I'm only 13 years old, so it's rated TTTTTTTTT! Get that right, T! For teens, 13 and above xD WAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Ikuto: Stupid lock.

Miki: *sigh* Musical Lock does not own Shugo Chara.

Lock: Thank you Miki. I hope you and Yoru have a nice ending ^^

Yoru: Oh, just shut up already.



Amu and Ikuto were childhood sweethearts, much to the oblivion of Tadase. Family conflict soon arises, and they get separated. Many years later, Amu meets Ikuto again. What will happen to these two? Is there something Ikuto is hiding?


"Amu! Amu! Amu-chan!" three children shouted.


Tsukiyomi Ikuto, aged 8. He had midnight blue hair and majors in the violin. Ikuto is always putting on a cold front, due to some unknown background.

Tsukiyomi Utau, aged 6. Ikuto's younger sister who loved singing. She had soft blond hair.

Hotori Tadase, aged 6. Kind-hearted and always getting bullied. He dreams to become a good leader one day. Soft blond hair, just like Utau.

And also..

Hinamori Amu, aged 6. Lovely pink hair and always cheery. She is stubborn and refuses to admit defeat, resulting in her three dear friends trying to tease her all the time.

Parents of the four children, Tsukiyomi, Hotori and Hinamori, were all good buddies since middle school. Their children grew up together too.


"Where is everyone?" Amu sobbed. They were playing hide-and-seek in the woods, Ikuto being the seeker, but before Amu realized, she had already gone beyond the area of the game. She was now lost, lost in the woods forever. It was raining heavily, and Amu who did not know that taking shelter under a tree was most dangerous, did just that.

All of a sudden, lightning and thunder flashed towards the direction of the tree Amu was taking refuge in.

"AMU!" Ikuto shouted, but he knew she was not going to make it. Being quicker than the speed of light, he took cover over Amu and jumped out of the way.

Fortunately, both kids only suffered minor injuries.


Lock: Yep, forewords done. Do visit the following links, please (:

Musical Lock's Main Page:
Pink & Blue:

Ikuto: Good kids do not own blogs. You are a bad kid for having a blog, Lock-chan.

Lock: Aww, so neko-kun enjoys calling me Lock-chan, huh? What will happen if your Amu-chan finds out?

Ikuto: Don't you dare tell her.

Amu: *walks in* Huh, what's going on?

Ikuto: Nothing. *smirks* Just talking about you.

Amu: Eh?!?!?!?!

Eru: Reviews please, everyone! *winks*

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Title: Pink & Blue
Author: Musical Lock
Pairing: Amuto
Anime: Shugo Chara
Status: Incomplete
Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara

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