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"Hey Amu! Let's go out for lunch together." Nagihiko asked a drained Joker.

"Hmm, alright." Amu smiled.

"Amu.." Rima tugged her blazer. "I'm going too."

"But Rima, don't you have to go home?"

"I don't care. I don't trust that guy." she pouted. Everyone sweat dropped.

"Amu-chan, why not all of us go together?" Tadase suggested to the group. Everyone nodded and Yaya cheered, though Nagihiko felt a tint of disappointment. He had wanted some time alone with Amu, but Rima or Tadase would always get in the way. He couldn't even make his feelings clear to her, afraid that he would hurt Tadase.


As the guardians left their royal garden, a black figure stood on a tree branch, watching. He followed them all the way to the mall.


"Amu-chi! There's a very cute shop over there! Let's go see!" Yaya squealed as she dragged Amu - who was pulling Rima - along.

The black figure tried dodging her, but to no avail.


The two tumbled backwards. Amu, rubbing her head with eyes closed, apologized frantically. "Ah, gomenmasai!"

The two male guardians rushed over to the commotion. "Amu-chan, are you alright?" They asked in sync, both looking worried.

Ikuto only stared at Amu and the two boys that surround her. Amu couldn't have a change of heart, could she? Letting out a painful smirk, he stood up and walked away.

Amu finally managed to snap out of her daze, only to realize that the person she had knocked into was already 20 metres away from her. She sighed, he must have been really angry. She blamed it on Yaya.

[Amu's POV]

Nani? What's this doing here?

I stared at a very familiar key that lay in front of me.

No.. it couldn't be him, could it?

I scanned the figure which was quite far away, from top to bottom.

Midnight blue hair..
A cold atmosphere around him..

I snapped out of my confusion, shocked.


[End of POV]

"Ikuto! Ikuto!" Amu shouted and ran after the blue-haired guy.

He turned around to look. Oh no, Amu recognized him, she was running after him! He can't let this happen. She wasn't supposed to know he was here!

Ikuto ran as fast as a cat, with his agility dodging every single shopper.

Amu knocked into people for a thousand times already, apologizing as she continued keeping up with him. Her guardian friends followed her, none having an idea of what was going on. Except for him, of course. He was the only one who knew that name. He was the only one who could recognize him anywhere.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto.. big brother.." Tadase felt tears at the corner of his eyes, threatening to flow. Memories of them four flashed past.


"Let's play hide-and-seek!" hyperactive little Amu shouted. "Ikuto be the seeker!"

Ikuto sweat dropped as all the juniors went screaming away, running and looking for a place to hide.

Little Tadase was at a lost of what to do. Ikuto was heading towards the tree he was hiding behind.

"Tadase-kun!" he heard someone whisper. "Over here!" Utau asked directed him over.

They both rolled into a ball and hid behind a big rock.

After awhile, they decided to take a peek.

Utau and Tadase's little heads popped out of the rock.

"Ikuto's gone. He went to look for Amu already." they both high-fived for losing him.

"Found ya" a voice commented dryly.

Huh? Where did the voice come from?

"Hey kiddos. Down here." Ikuto smirked, this time it was his turn to pop out behind the rock. So it turned out that he was right behind them, on the opposite side of the rock, all the time.

They all broke into laughter.

"Hey, Ikuto! What took you so long! The heat almost burned me already!" little Amu pouted at her three friends for forgetting all about her.

This only made them laugh harder, as little Amu soon joined in the fun.

[End of flashback]

"Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto!" tears streamed down Amu's eyes as she ignored her exhaustion and continued chasing after him.

Ikuto ran all the way up until the highest level. It was a dead end, and he couldn't jump. It was ten storeys high.

"Ikuto.." Amu's voice trailed away as she stared in disbelief. "Why did you run away from me?"

"Amu." he looked down. "I.."

Before he could finish his sentence, Amu fell backwards. Ikuto managed to catch her before she touched the ground. He touched her forehead. Amu had fainted and was running a high fever. He couldn't possibly just leave her here and escape. Her guardian friends were still trying to catch up, but who knows when they will ever find her?

"Amu.." Ikuto gazed at her face. He had never been so close to her after all these years. Breaking out of it, he carried her princess-style, just as Amu liked to call it, and jumped from building to building, without much effort.

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Title: Pink & Blue
Author: Musical Lock
Pairing: Amuto
Anime: Shugo Chara
Status: Incomplete
Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara

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