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CHAPTER 4 (part 2)


"Amu! Amu! I can explain!" Ikuto shouted as he ran after her. Thankfully, he managed to catch up.

"Amu, please. Listen to me." Ikuto pleaded, with begging eyes asking for her to trust him. Amu nodded, but averted her gaze away from him.

"Thank you.. for hearing me out." Ikuto said.

"Hurry up, don't waste my time." Amu rolled her eyes.

"Yes, we may be enemies, but.. it wasn't easy for us to have met again. Easter was controlling me all this while. The reason why I hadn't wanted to appear in front of you, is because I was afraid Easter might hurt you. So might Utau." He took a breath, before continuing.

"Amu, please give me time. Once Easter is defeated, we won't be enemies anymore. But. I must have the embryo."

"What do you need the embryo for?" Amu asked.

"To break free from Easter. For Utau and I to break free from Easter." Ikuto replied dryly.

"Ikuto..." Tears were still streaming down from her eyes.

"Amu, please give me some time. Please don't leave me like before."

"What do you mean by like before? You were the one who left Tadase and me behind." The atmosphere immediately changed into a lighter one.

"It wasn't me! It was my parents!" Ikuto commented in defence.

"It's still the same." Amu acted like she did not care.

"So you forgive me?" Ikuto asked as he gave her kitty eyes.

"I.. Who says so?!" she was being stubborn again.

"Don't try to act all cool in front of me. I can read you like a book. I have been watching you every night for 5 whole years."

"Eh?! How did you do that?" Amu broke, shocked by how he did it.

"I watched form your bedroom balcony, duh."

"EH?! Hentai!" she fussed.

"Do you actually know the meaning of that word?" Ikuto took a step towards her.

"Y-yeah! Of course!" she backed away.

"Do you want me to show you what a real Hentai is?" Yet again, he took several steps towards her.

"Eh.. Real.. Hentai..." This time she stopped as her face started to redden.

"Shall I?" he asked.

"N-no! No thank you!" Amu rejected, flushed up. All of a sudden, Ran and her other charas appeared from behind.

"Amu-chan! I sense X-eggs!" Ran exclaimed.

"Ran! Character change with me!"

"Hop, step, jump!" and within seconds, Amu was flying around in the air already.

"Heh, they totally forgot about me. Oh well, that's Amu for you." Ikuto shrugged as he decided to follow Amu behind.


"Useless, useless!" the little chara with an X on it chanted.

"My own heart, unlock! Character transformation: Amulet Heart! Heart rod!" Amu threw the Heart Rod at the X character, but he dodged it.

"USELESS!" the little rascal threw all its power at Amu, as she tried shielding from it by spinning the Heart Rod. The dark power soon took control, as Amu was threw backwards.

"Amu!" Ikuto caught Amu and put her down. "Yoru! Chara nari!"

"My own heart, unlock. Character transformation: Black Lynx."

Ikuto kept on attacking the X character until it was cornered. "Amu! Use open heart!"

She nodded. "Negative heart, lock on! Open heart!"

In no time, the X on the character was gone, and the purified chara gave Amu his thanks.

"Ikuto," Amu walked over to him. "Why did you help me? Aren't you enemy? Why did you let me cleanse the X character?"

"Because I love you, and I don't want you to hate me for killing it."

Ran and Yoru popped out, leaving Amu and Ikuto in their original form as they pulled in for a hug.

"Ikuto," Amu called.


"Join us for dinner tonight, would you?"

"But, our families are enemies.."

"Don't worry about that. The guardians and my family will help you get through this as well."



"You'd better go home now. Everyone must be worried sick."


Hand in hand, the couple walked towards the town.

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